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Apple, LG teaming up to develop foldable iPhones
Apple, LG teaming up to develop foldable iPhones
Last Updated at: 9 month(s) ago

California, United States: The techno-giant Apple is teaming up with LG Display to develop new and innovative foldable iPhones. For iPhone X Apple used the display screen from Samsung but for its next phone, it has chosen LG display over Samsung. Together with LG, Apple will introduce the new innovative foldable technology in its phones.

The Investor said that Apple and LG Display have teamed up for foldable OLED display screens for which a task force was made. It will also take help from another LG subsidiary, LG Innotek, to manufacture rigid flexible printed circuit board (RFPCB).

Apple will take help from LG Innotek as well which is another LG subsidiary. LG Innotek will develop rigid-flexible printed circuit board.

LG’s E5 plant in South Korea will be the location for the manufacture of foldable screens. Apple has decided to invest in E% plant to speed up the whole process. Neither Apple nor LG has confirmed the news yet but inside source says that both the companies have agreed on the matter.

After 2020 it is expected that production of foldable iPhones will begin. It’s not just Apple that is working on this technology. Other tech companies like Samsung is also looking to develop foldable OLED screens. Samsung might launch such model in 2018. A few years back Samsung did manufacture OLED panel prototype and the company might just upgrade that project.

If the teamwork of LG and Apple works, the monopoly of Samsung in smartphone industry might just get challenged. Samsung is the only company that successfully rule the smartphone tech industry till now. Now foldable phones will be a breakthrough in the industry. Who will introduce this technology first, we will see in the future.
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