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Khawaja Asif slams Joint opposition rally for abusing parliament
Khawaja Asif slams Joint opposition rally for abusing parliament
Published at: 5 month(s) ago

Islamabad: Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif on Thursday lashed out at the opposition leaders for criticising the parliament in their joint rally a day earlier.

The minister said while speaking in the National Assembly session today, “All limits were crossed in the [joint opposition] rally,” he remarked, adding that the “frustrations” of the opposition leaders knew no bounds.

He said that the leaders should be brought before a parliamentary committee of National Assembly. “They should be summoned, and if they still don’t come then arrest them and bring them here [assembly].

Khawaja Asif further added that decisions would never made in rallies but in the parliament. The opposition leaders attacked the parliament and hurled abuses. No party could ever come to power continue to disrespect and abuse the parliament.

“Parliament has given you the respect that you have today. Votes were cast in your favour in order for you to become a member of this parliament,” he said.

Otherwise, “what respect do they have? They have changed their parties six to seven times. They have no conscience, they have no shame.”

Parliament is an important law-making institution, Asif remarked, adding “If we don’t respect then no other institution will. If those who drive strength from the institution resort to abusing it, then no other institution will respect it.”

The foreign minister also said that this is the “lowest point of politics” and it has left the “nation’s head hanging in shame.”

Asif further said: “Elections are about to be held and everyone has the right to hold campaigns. They have the right to motivate their supporters but they hurled abuses. They have brought back shamelessness.”

Asif remarked while taking a jibe at Pakistan Awami Tehreek chief Tahir-ul-Qadri, “He has no relation with Pakistan. He is exploiting religion and has made a mockery of the religion.”

“We didn’t criticise the institutions even when our sitting prime minister was dismissed within seconds. We love Pakistan and its institutions,” he remarked.

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