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Miracle Cat listed in Guinness World Record
Miracle Cat listed in Guinness World Record
Published at: 4 month(s) ago

Minnesota, United States: Most kitties have 20 furry, little toes — affectionately called “toe beans” by many cat fanatics — but for "Paws" the cat, that wasn’t enough because she is one of the rearest cat because she has 28 toes, three extra on each forepaw and three extra on each back paw.

As CBS Minnesota points out, the 3-year-old is tied with another cat for the Guinness World Record for feline with the most toes.

Owner Jeanne Martin, of Northfield, says Paws' genetic trait comes in handy.

"It almost looks like a catcher's mitt," Martin said, adding that the extra digits on her front paws help her grip narrow surfaces.

Jeanne's daughter's partner, Walter Nachtigall, is the one who rescued Paws on his maple syrup farm near Cokato.

Such unique cats are called Polydactyl. These cats are also known as "Hemingway cats," in honor of the American writer who kept one at his Key West home.

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