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Renowned spy-fiction novelist Mazhar Kaleem passes away at 75
Renowned spy-fiction novelist Mazhar Kaleem passes away at 75
Published at: 4 weeks ago

Multan: Renowned spy-fiction novelist Mazhar Kaleem passed away at the age of 75 after prolonged illness.

Mazhar Kaleem was a Pakistani novelist chiefly known for his Imran Series novels, Urdu spy fiction written within Imran Series mythos created by Ibn-e-Safi.

His funeral prayers would be offered at 1.30 P.M today (Saturday) at the Abdali mosque, Multan.

Mazhar Kaleem has been an author of more than 500 books and novels throughout his lifetime; he as also written many stories for children.

Kaleem was known for writing the Imran Series. He was the anchorperson of a Saraiki radio talk show from Radio Multan, “Jamhoor-de-Awaz”.

The literary giant was a lawyer who was elected Senior Vice-President of Multan Bar Council as well.

Some of the famous book titles by the great novelist are as under:

Makazonga, Sabolate Aager, Shogi Pama, Double White, Kaya Palat, Shalmaak, Bagop, Khamoash Cheikhein, Calendar Killer, Ganja Bhikari, Ladies Secret Service (Imran Fareedi Series), Black Prince, Aika Baan, Hara Kari.

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