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Scorching heat wave continues to hit parts of country
Scorching heat wave continues to hit parts of country
Last Updated at: 4 weeks ago

Lahore: The scorching heat continues to bake the entire country on Sunday.

Lahore's temperature soared up to 43°C at 12 noon which can shoot up to 44-45 degrees in the city.

Several parts of Sindh including Karachi were also gripped with hot and dry weather that will likely take the mercury to 40-42°C. The level of humidity in the air is expected to stay between 25-40 percent.

Met Office director Abdur Rasheed has said that another heatwave can pave its way to Karachi on Monday or Tuesday.

Medical experts have advised people to take precautions in order to keep themselves safe from the heatwave.

Precautions for avoiding the heatwave

> Try to keep your body hydrated by taking bath several times as you can not drink plenty of water during fast (Roza).

> Wear clothes that are light in weight and loose in fitting, it will provide you more comfort in the otherwise harsh summer. Also, avoid dark colors, as they absorb heat from the atmosphere.

> Try to avoid leaving your homes and offices during the afternoon.

> Protect yourself from direct exposure to sun by wearing cap, hat, stall or headgear.

> Carry an umbrella and anti-glare sunglass always with you to avoid direct exposure to heat.

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