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Wonderful benefits of Aloe Vera
Wonderful benefits of Aloe Vera
Published at: 8 month(s) ago

Lahore: Aloe Vera has earned a permanent place in many houses because of its well known benefits. Everyone knows about the common facts, such as, Aloe Vera is used for treating sunburn, acne, blemishes and all the problems of this sort but, there is a lot more to it that you might not be knowing. So, here is a list of benefits of using Aloe Vera that you should know before freaking out about any problem.

Health benefits:

1. Eases Heart burn:
Consume aloe vera along with honey to soothe down heart burns and acidity in digestive tract.

2. Reduces Cholesterol:
Aloe very gel can be cut into cubes and frozen. It can be eaten once or twice daily to lower the concentration of cholesterol in our vital organs.

3. Blood Sugar:
Aloe vera is known to be beneficial for diabetic patients. It has hypoglycemic effects that lower the blood sugar thus, keeping the blood sugar level balanced.

4. Lowers the Risk of Cancer:
Aloe vera is known to fight against cancers and tumor as it boosts the immune system of our body. Aloe vera gel can be mixed in a fresh citric juice and consumed by the patient daily for quick results.

5. Immunity Booster:
Aloe vera triggers the cells to produce nitric oxides and cytokines that boost the immune system of our body.

6. Eye Infections:
Eye infections are common during summers. They get inflamed and irritated easily. Aloe Vera helps get rid of this irritation. Aloe vera extract mixed with rose water can be put in the eyes with a dropper twice a day.

7. Stretch marks:
Don’t worry, stretch marks are more common than you know. They are not a very good sight but, you can always work on that. Stretch marks are basically small tears on the skin that can be healed with constant use of aloe vera gel applied to the skin.

8. Insect Bites:
Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties. It can be applied topically over the affected area for a soothing effect and quick healing.

Beauty benefits:

1. Anti aging:
Let’s face the fact that wrinkles and fine lines are bound to appear with age. Also the number of chemical products we use cause them to happen before time. Aloe Vera prevents these early signs of aging. You can apply Aloe Vera gel directly onto your face or make a paste by adding oatmeal and olive oil and then apply it.

2. Reduces Acne:
Aloe Vera has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Gel of the Aloe Vera plant and lemon juice together can be applied on the affected area. This may help reduce acne.

3. Conditioner:
Chemical conditioners may cause hair loss and leave rough ends behind. Aloe vera gel strengthens hair and naturally moisturizes them.

4. Hair growth:
Aloe vera removes dead cells from the scalp, which prevent hair growth. Apply it along with castor oil to the hair for good hair growth.

5. Dandruff:
Dandruff can be frustrating and can’t be hidden. It keeps on falling on your clothes as well. It can be caused by several reasons such as, dead skin, oily scalp or some fungal infection. Aloe vera cures dandruff by removing excess oil and the dead skin. It may also cure fungal infections due to its anti fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

6. Oily Hair:
Eating fried oily food and lots of junk produces excessive amount of oil that appears on your skin and scalp. This can leave your hair and skin looking very oily. Aloe vera gel when applied directly to the scalp helps remove excessive oil leaving your hair moisturized and shinier than before.

7. Blemishes:
Toxins in our body can cause blemishes on our skin. Sometimes breakouts and zits leave behind scars and blemishes as well that look pretty awful. Aloe Vera gel helps stimulate the growth of new cells and speed up the healing process to prevent scars and blemishes.

8. Moisturizer:
Dry skin can get itchy and rough, and does not get your make up set in properly. Massage the Aloe Vera skin on your face directly, everyday for a perfect moisturized skin. It hydrates your skin without making it oily.

9. Sunburns:
No one can save you from sunburns especially, if you are too lazy to put on a sun-block. Aloe Vera gel can be applied directly on the sun-burnt area for quick healing due to its anti inflammatory properties.

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